Friday, March 27, 2015

Some Rambles and Cuernos del Paine Flowers

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing well.  Thank goodness its Friday, right!?!?!

So maybe you noticed I was missing for a couple days.  I haven't felt like blogging this week.  For quite awhile I have been feeling like I have lost the desire to continue with my blog.  When I started blogging it was all about my nail designs and I didn't really care if people read my blog.  Once people started showing interest I fed off the attention I was getting.  I'm only human and I suffer from those feelings attached to my ego.  For the past year (actually longer) I have lost the following that I once had and not that many people notice what I am doing anymore.  As much as I want to say it doesn't matter, it does.  My ego took a big hit.  

I started viewing my blog as a chore instead of the hobby I was so passionate about.  I stopped putting the effort into writing engaging posts and only told you the facts.  I still enjoy doing my nails and I am constantly inspired to create new designs.  But what does that mean for the life of my blog???  I know that the passion is still burning deep down but I think I need to back off a little.  I'm not ready to give up and throw in the towel.  I need to find my passion again and remember why I started this in the first place.  I need to remember that this is about me and my nail art, not about sponsorship, deadlines and worrying that I'm not good enough.  All that matters is that I am having fun.  My blog is not the most popular, heck most people still don't know about me, and it shouldn't matter.  I need to get back to little ole' me and my adventures in this crazy world of nail polish!

Sorry for the ramble!  I have been feeling the need to get that out for awhile.  Now I will reward you with a design that I created just for me!

Last month I added a few more Elevation Polish lacquers to my collection.  I got a shopping bug the same day the shop was restocked.  One of the colors that jumped out was Cuernos del Paine.  Probably because it is a perfect green for Spring (or Summer).    I was not disappointed! I could have gotten away with one coat it was so opaque.  The color is a tad off in the photos.  It is more of a bright, pale green and the camera did not want to capture it!

Next, I added this awesome flower image from UberChic 1-02.  This image is one of the reasons I wanted the plates.  LOVE it!  I used Spotlight White to apply the stamp.  I always worry about thin line images but this one was etched perfectly.  I decided on a different placement on each nail.  Plus this image is huge so the variation looks interesting.

This next part wasn't planned, it just happened.  And I am so glad it did!  You really have to get close to see the image and the middle of each flower jumps off the nail.  It is like a flower on a flower.  I started the centers with a dotting tool and Street Side NYC.

I felt that another color was needed so I added Paprika.

The centers were missing something and I didn't want to add another circular center.  These "v"s that I created using Espresso were perfect!  Just like a stamen or whatever it is called!

Creating for myself makes a big difference in how I feel and write. That ramble at the beginning helped too!  I just need more of this.  Here's to getting my passion back!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Inspired by Fashion - Michael Kors Spring 2015

I am back with my third design for March's NCC theme.  I can never pass up a yellow design, be it on my nails or clothes.  When I came across the yellow floral skirt from Michael Kors' Spring Collection I knew I had to recreate it.  Plus it is a great negative space manicure!

I started with two coats of Samoan Sands.  Two coats of this gorgeous black label hides a good bit of the flaws on my nails but still gives a nice base for a negative space manicure.

I used Chick Me Out and MoYou London Pro 06 to add my yellow flowers.  This looks pretty awesome!

I added a thin French using Do You Take Lei Away? to represent the belt.  This thin line really ties the whole design together.

I love how this design turned out!  I am going to have to do this again with some other colors and images!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Some SinfulColors For Spring - Swatches/Review/Nail Art

Press Sample

Are you like me and dying for Spring to finally start?  I know that Spring officially started Friday but it would be really great if it would warm up a little, some flowers would start popping up and the trees would start blooming.  Heck, I spent the first day of Spring in a snow storm! If I have to wait for Spring to actually start at least I have some great Spring colors to wear!

Today I have a selection of fun and bright shades from SinfulColors, perfect for Spring or Summer!

Prized Plume - opalescent blue.  Very sheer.  More of an effect top coat instead of polish.  This is two coats.

Zest of Times - sheer pink "citrustwist".  I applied two coats and you can see the sheer-ness.  You can also see the shimmer of this polish.  Also more of an effect top coat than polish.

Ring the Belini - bright orange "citrustwist".  Tad more opaque but still sheer.  I applied two coats of this fun, juicy polish.

Petal Be the Day - blue and purple glitter.  I thought that these "bloomblast" glitters would be more opaque.  I applied two coats and you can see that they are more of a glitter topper than polish.

Standing Bloom Only - yummy, orange glitter topper.  A tad more opaque.  I applied two coats.

Seeing that all of these lacquers were so sheer I decided to use a white base to create some nail art.  This also shows off the colors better.  I also thought this would be the right time to try the "blobbicure" technique I've been seeing everywhere.  I love how it turned out.  It has a citrus-y feel and look just like the polish intended.

To highlight the colors of the glitters I did a simple half and half design.  Lastly, I add a thin French with Prized Plume.

I love the bright, summery feel of this design and over white these shades really pop!  Even though they are very sheer, the application was smooth. 

Check out the SinfulColor links to see more of these shades and others in the collections!

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