Tuesday, July 28, 2015

OPI Brights Swatches and Review

Press Sample

More swatches!  Today I have swatches of the OPI Brights Collection. Don't you love being tempted again and again to buy more nail polish!

The Berry Thought of You - jelly-like fuchsia. Fantastic shade and formula! I applied two coats and being jelly-like it was not fully opaque.  I did still have some VNL.  Of course you could use a white base to make the color pop.

Down to the Core-al - beautiful coral shimmer.  I lost some of the coral tone in the photo.  The formula was a little thin but was wearable in two coats.  I will add that you will want to watch your brush strokes with the application.

Hotter than You Pink - pink shimmer with a hint of purple.  It is a little washed out in the photo.  This one was not a favorite.  I just didn't like to color.  I applied two coats and still had VNL.

I Stop for Red - super pigmented red jelly.  It went all orange in the photo.  I had some of the worst trouble capturing the true tone of these lacquers in the photos!  I applied two coats.  This one will be great for leadlighting.

My Car Has Navy-gation - indigo jelly.  Yes, indigo, which is impossible to get a good photo!  This was my absolute favorite from the collection.  I applied two gorgeous coats.

Life Gave Me Lemons - brilliant chartreuse.  LOVE this color, I just wish the formula was better.  I applied two coats and found it to be streaky.  These ugly colors are always my favorite.  If I was wearing it alone I would use a white base to help with the color.

On Pinks and Needles - matte pink glitter in various sizes.  The smaller glitters applied perfectly but I did have to fish for the bigger ones.  

I Sea You Wear OPI - stunning blue shimmer.  This shade has an amazing feel of water to it.  Another favorite!  I did have to apply three coats for good coverage, but it was worth it!  Perfect base for ocean nail art.

Can't Hear Myself Pink! - pink shimmer with hints of gold.  The gold is what makes this shimmer.  It also had a thin formula and required three coats.  It is also a little washed out in the photo.  All I can think about is princess nail art!  

This collection has something for everyone!  Yes, there were some issues with a couple of the formulas but that can be corrected with a white base. The colors are worth the effort!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Zoya Island Fun Collection Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Hello Everyone!
Today I have the second part of the Zoya Summer Collections!  If you remember I shared my review of the Paradise Sun Collection last week.  You can click here to see that review.  I showed you the shimmers and now I am sharing the creams!

Nana - fantastic fuchsia.  Such a great color! I don't understand why my skin tone makes it look bad! It really is a great color with good coverage.  I applied two coats and I am pretty sure it will be a good stamper.

Jace - fresh, grass green.  Nothing like a summer green to brighten your mood!  I found the formula to be a tad thin.  I applied two coats and it was wearable, but I did notice some VNL.  

Cecilia - gorgeous dark teal.  I love these teal shades, however most of them are stainers.  I did notice staining with this shade.  Be sure to apply a base coat to protect your nails and watch the application next to your skin.  It was smooth and flawless in two coats.

Talia - beautiful, bright blue.  This blue is brilliant! You know I love my blues and this shade does not disappoint...except for one flaw.  If Cecilia is a stainer, Talia is a dyer!  The staining with Talia was some of the worst I have seen.  Even with a base coat you might experience some staining.  Be careful with your application.  I did achieve perfect coverage in two coats.

Serenity - perfect purple.  If you are a lover of purple, you will need to add this one to the collection!  Absolutely nothing wrong with this shade.  Gorgeous application in two coats.

Demetria - classic tomato red.  I lost a lot of the red in the photo, hence why you think you are seeing orange!  It really is that classic red shade.  It had a typical red formula,  wearable in two coats with some VNL.  

This colors in the collection are amazing!  The stainers are a big disappointment but I know I can use them with nail art.  I am pretty sure that the entire collection will stamp beautifully.  Must add that to the nail art list!

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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Traveling - Hitting the Road

I FINALLY have my first design for this month's NCC theme!  I have been horrible with these themes!  Last month was the first time I didn't finish a month, ever!  I need to get myself together but I am concerned I won't finish this month either.  Fingers-crossed!

This design reflects the vacation that the hubby and I took this Summer.  We traveled over 4,600 miles and saw SO many things that I think I forgot some of them!  Driving is how we vacation...but I can't wait for the trips that require an airplane!

I started with two coats of White.

I added my first set of roads using Chai and MoYou London Tourist 01.

For my second set of roads I used Bundle Monster Green and Winstonia On The Road.

I added my cars using Black Swift and Tourist 01.

I added luggage using Bundle Monster Purple and a compass using Black Swift.   Both images are from the On The Road plate.  I tried to stamp the compass with yellow first but it didn't show up.

This design is perfect reflection of vacations with the hubby! I LOVE it!

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