Monday, October 31, 2011

BIG Challenge - Watermarbling

I have been wanting to try watermarbling for a while now and have been putting it off because it seems very difficult.  And yes it is!  It took me about 3 hours to complete my nails and they are not as goods as others I have seen, however it was my first time.  The colors I choose are very autumn-y and look like they would work well together.

My Colors:

Left to Right: O.P.I. Stranger Tides, O.P.I. A-Taupe The Space Needle, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, O.P.I. Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window, China Glaze Brownstone, Northern Lights for sparkle and Seche Vite for quick dry

I started by applying 1 coat of China Glaze Adhesive Base, 2 coats of O.P.I. Strangers Tides and 1 coat of Seche Vite:

And now for the end result!  Again this is not the best marbling job but it is my first attempt.  Some fingers turned out perfect and others are questionable.

Left Hand:
Right Hand:


  1. How are there no comments on this!!!! This is amazing))))

  2. I have to give you credit! I just started my own nail blog because I found your designs on Pinterest and fell in love! Thanks for inspiring me to blog and have fun with something that has nothing to do with my graduate school or work! It's a great release and something I look forward to all week! I'm hoping to take on watermarbling in the near future, when I have a lot of time on my hands!


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