Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Haul 3

I am calling this Birthday Haul 3, even though my birthday was a week ago, because I used the awesome gift card my sister got me for my birthday and my parents bought me the rest!!  I picked up some pretty amazing polishes on this trip.

First, here is the polish list:
China Glaze Holly-Day, Flip Flop Fantasy, For Audrey, Velvet Bow, Lorelei's Tiara
Orly Rage and Dazzle
Color Club Orna-Minted
Nina Ultra Pro Blue La La

Here is a closer look at Rage and Dazzle.  I really love the pink foil look of Rage!

I am totally in LOVE with Lorelei's Tiara!! It is almost like a silver foil with silver glitter and then just a little bit of blue glitter.  Beautiful!
Lastly, I was looking for a pure silver glitter polish and came across Orna-Minted. I was attracted to this polish because of the big chunky glitter but when I got home a got a amusing smells minty! 

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