Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Inspired Mani

Just when I thought I figured out stamping I messed up my new design! :(
Because it is November I feel that my designs should focus on fall colors. What better way to celebrate fall then with orange and brown!
Base - Sally Hansen Shiny Penny (My Hubby picked this color!)
Stamp - Essie Little Brown Dress
Accent Finger - Essie Little Brown Dress and China Glaze Twinkle Lights (from the Holiday 2011 collection)

I can't stop looking at my ring finger! I think this might be a fun Christmas design.
So my left hand stamped PERFECTLY!!!  Then I moved on to the right and it all went downhill.  For some reason the polish wouldn't stick to my nail.  Still trying to figure it out.  I'm kinda sad about the design because my left hand looks amazing!
Left Hand:

My Sad Right Hand:


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