Saturday, November 26, 2011

Galaxy Nails

I got motivated!  I couldn't stand to look at the last mani any longer!  I wasn't looking to do a major design, in fact I was looking for something fast and easy to do today, and you can see that in the last mani.  I had never done a galaxy design before and I actually thought that it would be difficult...Boy was I wrong!  It was so easy and I am in love with my nails!  A base, a little sponging, some dotting and you get an awesome mani.
I started with a base coat of Orly Galaxy Girl.  This was a gift for my birthday and I had yet to use it.  I bought it because I knew that when I finally did the Galaxy Nails I would defintely use this polish.  I think it's a black jelly, someone can correct me on that, and it is packed full of tiny blue and purple glitter.  Once it was on my fingers, 3 coats, I didn't want to put anything over it.  I tried to get a picture where you could see all the glitter, I don't think I was successful.  However I did find that  I get the best pictures in my garage!
You can tell how much I love this color because I took so many pictures! :)

Sponging Colors:
Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Why Not (blue), Happy Ending (green), Unicorn (yellow)
Julep Reese (pink) and Alfie (purple)
Dotting Color: Sunful Colors Snow Me White
I have lots of pictures because as I already said I am in love with this mani!!!!
Right Hand no top coat:

Right Hand 2 coats of Seche Vite:

Left Hand:

I am so happy with this mani!  I think that I have a better time doing free hand designs like this instead of stamping.  Stamping just stresses me out!


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