Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day 1 Red Nails

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Christmas!! Today I start my 25 Days of Christmas Challenge!
First of all let me say that I am already getting grief about my red nails! :)  I promise you that they are red, however I could not get a good picture last night and my colors turned out looking brown and orange. :( 
I was excited about today's challenge because I would finally use my China Glaze Velvet Bow.  This polish is from the China Glaze 2011 Holiday Collection and I LOVE it!!  It is a deep, almost blood, red.  So yes, there are hints of brown in it that make it look brown in my picture.  I think that this really looks like a velvet bow that you would buy at the store.
I tried a bunch of different pictures to really show the red (even flash, which turned out BAD!):

 For my accent nail I used Wet'N'Wild Rockin Rubies, which looks orange in the pictures.  :(  I again I promise you that it is not orange and is actually a really pretty red glitter with hints of blue and silver glitter, very festive!  I was only able to get one picture that looks red.

Day One Done! :) 


  1. I really like your mani, it's so pretty. :)

  2. Phew I just got mine done in time (almost!) Bring on tomorrow...!


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