Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day 11 Taping (Santa and Elf Hats)

The inspiration for this design came from Kelly at Posh for Polish.  Here is her design:

I didn't want to do just Santa hats so I also used this picture as my inspiration for Elf hats:

I took both ideas and decided to use taping in order to get nice straight lines.  I knew that I would not get a nice design by just painting on the hats.

Step 1:
I applied 2 coats of Pure Ice Don't You Wish.  I really like how this polish sparkles however it is quite thick and I needed to be careful that it didn't get lumpy.

Step 2:
I taped off my hats and used OPI St. Petersburgundy for the Santa hats and China Glaze Holly-Day for the Elf hats.

 Step 3:
I added the trim to my hats using a dotting tool, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and This Is It.

I did have some bleeding with the red and white but overall I thought that the hats look really cute.  I added 2 coats of SV for drying and shine.  My favorite part was how the glitter showed through on the red hats.  It reminds me of the jelly sandwiches that I have been seeing on other blogs. :)


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