Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day 12 Poinsettia Nails

I am loving my nails right now.  I think that this design turned out great!

I knew that I would not be able to free hand the poinsettias on my nails so I went to my nail plates.  There are a couple designs on the plates that resemble poinsettias and then I saw a YouTube video of someone using the stamps. Here is the video.  This is soguesswhat11 on Facebook.  I liked her idea but I didn't want to do the same design on each nail.  After some thought I came up with the following design. 
This post is kind of picture heavy because I just love this design!!!
I didn't take pictures of each step because there were so many!
I did start with the same base as yesterday: Pure Ice Don't You Wish.

The following shows the colors I used with the design: (lots of pictures!)

China Glaze Velvet Bow (red) and Holly-Day (green)( I used a small brush with Holly-Day to added leaves to my index fingers.)
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Pure Ice Bite Me (poinsettia centers with dotting tool)
I also added a coat of Northern Lights and then 2 coats of SV.
Stamps: BM 03, 06, 201 and 211

This is one of my best stamping designs!!


  1. WOW this so so great! Your stamping skills are awesome!

  2. Thanks! This is actually only the 2nd or 3rd time I did a good stamping! It usually turns out horrible! :)


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