Friday, December 23, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day 24 Twas the Night Before Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve!  Only one more day to the challenge and I already know what design I will be wearing for Christmas!
Today's design is one that I have seen on many blogs and I decided to re-create it because Christmas Eve is all about Santa delivery presents.

I applied 2 coats of OPI House of Blues, which is one of my favorite blues.  I just love the dark, richness of this blue.  Also it is very close to the night sky, minus stars.
I was going to use black to stamp my sled and reindeer but figured that it would not show that well on such a dark blue.  I ended up using Orly Dazzle and BM 214 and 213.  Instead of shadow I have sparkle! :)

I added a moon and stars using NYC French Tip White.

I added 2 coats of DL Addicted to Speed. 

I apologize for the wonky cuticles!  I didn't moisturize before taking pictures and they need cleaned up. :(


  1. These are some pretty! Love the stamps!

  2. That's amazing how good the Orly came out on the stamps. I'll definitely try that, 'cause it's really pretty. :)

  3. Lobe your nail art :) simply wowwww..


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