Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day 4 - Red and White Nails

Who doesn't think of Candy Canes when presented with red, white and Christmas?!?!  For today's challenge I decided to turn my nails into candy canes! :)
Again I must apologize for the nasty skin on my nails.  I had spent the whole day cleaning and the chemicals in the cleaners were not nice to my hands.  I know I could have moisturized before taking pictures but I always get so excited to share my nails! :)

For this mani I used the following:
Julep January
Orly Au Champagne
Konad m12
Bm 20

If you have been following my blog you know that I am absolutely in love with Au Champagne, so of course I had to use it again.  The Julep January showed up yesterday in my December Box and I was very excited to use it as part of my mani.  Just like all Julep colors it is a nice opaque polish that applies very smooth.  January is a very pretty, real red.  There are no fancy shimmers or glitters added just a nice basic red.

For my candy canes I just stamped the opposite color on each finger.  Even though Au Champagne is amazing you don't get the full effect when stamping, much lighter.  January stamped beautifully!
I did use a different top coat this time, instead of SV.  In my December Box I also received a Julep Fast Drying Top Coat.  I added one coat of this to my mani and the first thing I have to say to "OMG the smell!!!"  This is a very stinky polish!  It smelled like something was burning on fingers.  It is also a very thin polish, not thick like SV.  So you have to be careful to not overload your nail because it will pull your polish into your cuticles, floods you nails.  Overall my mani did seem to dry just as fast as SV.  I'll keep testing it!  :)

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