Saturday, December 31, 2011

Polish Organization

Before I get into my Polish Organization I wanted to share with everyone that I am a winner!  And no, I don't mean like crazy Charlie Sheen "Winner"!!!  I won a giveaway hosted by Kay at Nuts About Nails!!!  I was so surprised that I won because I never win anything.  The prize I won was a set of im-PRESS Nails in Homewrecker.  When the prize box arrived I was further surprised because Kay included a coupon and a Nailtiques duo that included a bottle of Formula 2 and Moscow!!

On to the Organization!!!
This is how my polish used to be housed.  It was a mess!  I actually hated having to get a polish out because it took me forever to find a polish!

My lovely, amazing, totally awesome sister bought me a Ikea Helmer for Christmas!!  I was really amazed by how easy it was to put together.  I only had one problem which my hubby was able to solve for me.

I finally got around to organizing it last night after a trip to Wal-Mart to purchase drawer liners so my polish would not slide around.

My polish is organized!!  I am completely OCD about having everything organized and I am happy dancing now because my polish is where it should be!  The big thing I love about the Helmer is that all the polishes are standing up!

I do apologize about some of the blurriness in the pictures!

First Drawer:
OPI and stamping tools (BM Plates, Red Angel Plates and KONAD stamper)

Second drawer:
Essie, Butter London, Zoya, Julep, Ulta polishes, Deborah Lippman

Drawer Three:
China Glaze (organized by type of polish) and Sinful Colors (also organized by type)

Drawer Four:
Orly, Color Club, MAC, Pure Ice, Wet'n'Wild, Finger Paints, and Venique

Drawer Five:
Sally Hansen, Nailtiques, SV, NL, Del Sol, NYC, Hard Candy, Off Brand Glitter from Wal-Mart, Nail Art Tools, CND Stickey, Nina Pro

Drawer Six:
Various nail tools


  1. Oh you are a lucky girl! Nice helmer!

  2. Helmer looks like the perfect set of drawers!
    Happy new year. :)

  3. I don't understand helmers-you can't see the pretty polish! I keep mine on bookcases!! Happy New Year though!

  4. I like my Helmer, except for the fact that the drawers aren't stabilized. :/ I would love it so much more if I didn't have to hold the drawer when it was all the way out.

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