Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 Polish Hauls!

Tonight I have my new polishes to share with you.  Don't you just love new nail polish?!?!?!

Yesterday, thanks to my awesome Mom, I went to Sally's and purchased a few new colors, at least new for me. 
 I decided that I would try Out the Door and see if the shrinkage is less than SV.  I love my DL but it is so expensive!
The two Nina's are Never Glum Plum and Molten Copper
 I decided to try a couple of the new Finger Paints seeing that they looked so pretty on other bloggers' posts!  I purchased Flecked and Twisted.
These 3 Orly's are so pretty!  It is hard to tell in the picture but the first polish is Love Each Other, it is a sheer base polish with a purple shimmer. The other Orly's are Prince Charming and Bailamos.

My next haul is thanks to some low prices and nice sales on the Ulta site.
Sally Hansen Gray Area, which in person doesn't look that gray. (?) 
Of course the Revlon's are Whimsical and Popular.  I wasn't going to buy these two polishes because they are on everyone's blogs as the new hit polish, and I didn't want to seem like a follower. (I am not a sheep! :) ) But just look at those polishes!!! How can you say no to them?!?!?!  I caved! :)
I attempted to buy the whole set of Essence mini's.  A couple of them were sold out, I'll have to try later.
These are the polishes in order from left to right.
Walk of Fame, Just in Case, Enchanted Fairy, No More Drama, Break Through, Where Is the Party, You Belong to Me and Let's Get Lost
Choose Me!, Sweet as Candy, Ultimate Pink, Wake Up!, Mellow Yellow, Lime Up!, and Nail Art in Pink

So many polishes!  So many colors!! 
I also accidental order a couple of the same polishes.  I am thinking about putting a giveaway together if I ever get to 100 followers.  I have some extra China Glaze, Essence and a couple other polishes that would make a nice prize!


  1. What a great haul!
    I have the top coat from out the door,and I am very pleased with it. I hope you'll be pleased with yours too. :)

  2. Wow what a haul! Love everything you got!

  3. Thanks! I am really hoping that OTD works because I really don't want to splash out the money for another bottle of DL.

  4. I want to let you know I gave you an award

  5. What a haul, nice!!! I love your blog so I am giving you the Liebster Blog Award. It is your turn to pass it on to 5 more bloggers. The rules are on my blog I love your stamping too! :)

  6. Fantastic haul! Wow, definitely jealous ;)

  7. Is think'in you definitely SHOULD do a give-a-way . . . give-a-way right to your SISTER!!! Just kidding, if you do let me know and I will share it with everyone I can to get you to 100!!! Love you!


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