Friday, January 13, 2012

Maya and Demi

I want to share some swatches of my new Julep colors.  These are not my best work but you can see how pretty they are.  I am not sharing Taylor with you because I can't get a good picture. I am hoping for a little sun tomorrow so you can see how awesome this color is.  Is it purple, is it blue is it blurple?!?!?!

Maya:  This a a pretty peachy foil.  I am not a big fan of foil polishes but this is a pretty spring color. As with most Julep polishes, Maya is opaque with 1 coat, but I applied 2.

Demi: I want to describe this color as a blood red.  I have to say that I was kind of if-y about this color but once I got it on I really liked it.  This color takes 2 coats for even coverage. The lighting is not that great in these pictures. I have shadow on my index and middle finger.


  1. I'm liking how rich Demi is!! :D

  2. I find foils and pearlescent colours like maya really frustrating cos it's so hard to make them smooth and un-streaky!

  3. They are both pretty! And would look good together!


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