Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No More Drama!

I have a few new things to share with everyone and tonight I am starting with Essence No More Drama.  If everyone remembers I attempted to purchase all of the Essence minis from Ulta, I didn't get them all but I did get some awesome colors!
Here is No More Drama:

Just look at this creamy purple!! Application was amazing, this is 2 coats.  Isn't it pretty!?!?!
I did go ahead and add a stamp from my Red Angel Plates using Essence Nail Art in Pink.

I liked how the stamped looked on my left hand but wait until you see the right:

My disappointment with the right hand lead me to remove this design before adding a top coat..  I will probably try this again and take more time doing the right so it turns out better.


  1. These colours are so cute & affordable! This shade looks great on you :)

  2. The color is so pretty! Love the stamp on the first hand!

  3. This is such a perfect lavender color.

  4. Wow this is really nice-your stamping kicks butt!

  5. Wow! I never saw this color befor and I have to admit that is awesome!


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