Friday, January 27, 2012

Whimsical Giveaway or Swap?!?!?

I have a wonderful mani to share with everyone, however before I do I need some feedback!

Tonight I was able to get my hands on the very last Whimsical at my nearest Rite-Aid.  Now I already have a bottle. I could always hang onto it as a spare bottle but I know that there are some wonderful ladies out there dying to get their hands on this polish.
So the question is do I have my first giveaway or swap with someone?  What does everyone think?


  1. Aaahhhhhh!!!! I have been to EVERY dang store in Kalamazoo looking for this polish!!

  2. Oh man, this polish is so hard to find!!! *drooool*
    Either way is up to you (and is incredibly generous!) but I have to say if you decide for a swap then you are going to probably get a LOT of offers, hahah! XD

  3. Whimsical isn't available in the UK :( I'd vote on a giveaway :P I've given you an award, check it out at xxx

  4. I finally got my hands on a bottle a couple weeks ago, I was sooo excited! I haven't even used it yet, just relishing in the fact I have it for now. I know there are still people desperate for a bottle, a give away would be nice! Unless you want to use it for leverage to get a bottle of something you're really wanting :P


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