Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Argyle

If you haven't noticed the majority of my designs lately have focused on spring colors.  I am so ready for winter to be over and spring to arrive!  So this is reflected in the bright colors I have been using.  Today's mani is no exception!

Essence nail polishes are one of my new loves!  I love the colors, formula and quick dry time.  I really wish that a bigger selection was available here in the US!  I am feeling deprived by only being able to purchase the small bottles from Ulta, and they sell out so fast!

For this mani I started with 2 coats of Essence Mellow Yellow and Lime Up. The creaminess of these two colors is amazing! 

Next, I added the argyle design using m60 and China Glaze White on White.

Then I added a coat of NL.

I was going to leave the mani like this, however after staring at it for awhile I decided to use up the tape strips I cut for my last design.  I went back and added a french tip to each nail using the opposite color.

During a recent trip to Wal-Mart I noticed that the NYC polishes had coupons attached to them,  $.50 off a $1.99 polish!  I have heard a lot of good things about the NYC fast drying top coat, so I decided to try it out, because I would save money!  I am very happy with this top coat! Not only is it cheap but it also dries really fast, has awesome shine and no shrinkage!  Why should I pay $5 more on OTD?!?!  If you haven't tried it I recommend it highly! Great top coat!


  1. This is too cute!! I love the colors!

  2. I love these pastels! The argyle is very city chic!

  3. It looks great. Like you, I've become very fond of Essence. Unfortunately it's not available here at all, so I can only get my hands on them when I'm on vacation. *pouts*
    Spring colours are great this time of year. I long for spring too. :)

  4. I do this all the time!!! Do my funky french in the opposite color!!! So freakin cool! I love this!

  5. Looks really awesome! I'm loving the finished look ^_^

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