Monday, February 27, 2012


Hello my awesome followers! :)

Guess what?!?!? I am totally interested in swapping polishes!  Now, US followers please don't be offended, I am mostly interested in swapping for polishes that I cannot get here in the States.  If anyone would be interested in swapping with me let me know.  We can start an email conversation to figure out the swapping terms.

I do have 1 bottle of Whimsical left and a bottle of Sinful Colors Cinderella.  I actually have 2 bottles of Cinderella but I promised one bottle to Ashley at Art Evolve.

It's a "swapportunity"! :)


  1. Sorry, not here to swap... But I had a question to ask you about stamping, but I can't seem to find an email to ask you!

  2. My email is (all lowercase)

  3. swapportynity....I like it haha ;-)
    Thanks for your sweet comment! And yes, I am originally from Germany. moved to the US with my hubby (he's in the army)

  4. Thanks again so much!!! :'D Any ideas what you would like for it? :D

  5. Ashesela... I am game for anything that I cannot get in the states. Do they sell a better selection of Essence polishes in BC?

  6. I live in the UK and would happily swap any If you want

    1. I am currently not swapping but I will definitely keep you in mind! :)

  7. I live in the UK and would happily swap any If you want


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