Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Valentine For Every Nail

Ok..I might have gone too far with this mani.  My first thought was to do a pink and gray design.  I really like these two colors together and I thought they would be nice in a Valentine design.   In my attempt to create a fun design I think I went a little crazy. :)

My design was inspired by a picture that I saw on Pinterest...I am addicted and might need an intervention! :) 
Inspiration Picture:

I started by using Zoya Dove (soft, creamy gray; 2 coats) Essence Sweet as Candy (only on ring finger; 3 coats) and OPI DS Reserve (2 coats).

Now for the craziness! I did a different design on each nail! (Using the same colors!)

Close-up of each finger:
Thumb - Double Dotting

Index finger - Hearts and dots applied using dotting tools

Middle finger - Taped mani with heart and dots(dotting tool)

Ring finger - taped stripes

Little finger - Dots

I topped off the design with 2 coats of OTD.

What do you think of my crazy Valentine?


  1. I think this manicure looks totally amazing!

  2. I have 2 awards for you (read more here :) )

  3. I actually really like the colors you used in this! IT's cool!

  4. I love variety in this mani, It came out great!

  5. Thanks everyone for all the great comments!

  6. That is ADORABLE!! And I love that your posts are so picture heavy!! Thanks for sharing, that is too cute.


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