Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Swap!!

A couple months ago Ashley at Art Evolve left me a comment saying how much she liked Sinful Colors Cinderella. I had picked up a couple bottles, due to the popularity, and told her that I would love to swap some polishes with her.  Cut to today and I came home from work to find a box from Ashley on my kitchen table!  Sorry no picture of the box! I was too excited and ripped it open!! Funny thing is that she got my package today also!!!

So here is what the fabulous Ashley sent me!! By the way, due to a recent photo theft I needed to once again change my watermark.  I am hoping that this new mark will be much harder to remove without messing up the picture.

Top Left to Right:

Bottom Left to Right:
Pink Rose

And a LipSmackers Lip Gloss and small pink, shimmery polish!

I am completely in love with these colors!  They are so spring-y and I can't wait to try them out!

Thank you so much Ashley!!


  1. super adorable! :] can't wait to see the swatches!

  2. these are all soo cute!! love the colors!!


  3. Thank you so much for your package, Katee!!! I love it to bits!!
    I am so glad that you like these colours! :D!!

    1. Oh I forgot to say: sorry to hear about the photo theft!! D: That sucks!

  4. Fantastic spring colours. :)
    I hate it when people steal other bloggers' photos. Bad style! :/


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