Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As I stated in my last post, Floam by Nail Venturous was part of my awesome weekend haul.  Thanks again to Rhonni at Ninja Polish!!

Here is two coats of Floam:

I thought that it was a little sparse so I went back and added another coat.

Recently, Aimee at Persistently Glittery did a Floam mani with stamping and I loved how it turned out.  I decided to add a stamp using RA104 and Sally Hansen White On before adding a top coat.

Next, I added my top coat of NYC.

Floam is such an amazing polish. This mix of green (teal) and yellow glitter makes an fabulous combination and looks so spring-y.  With that said there are a couple down sides.  First, it is a little hard to work with.  Not impossible, but a tad thick.  Second, this polish sucks up the top coat!  I added 4 coats of NYC, and I still didn't get a smooth finish.  Lastly, and I was warned about this, it is not easy to get off!  I had to let the cotton balls soak on my fingers to get the polish to loosen up.  The totally awesomeness of this polish makes up for these small flaws.  I can't come up with the the perfect words to explain this polish!  I'll just use the popular saying..."AMAZE-BALLS"!


  1. Nice i love this see green color and white color on it is amazing.

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  2. Totes amazeballs!! I think I have an obsession with this polish,it's just so frikin' awesome!

  3. You lucky gal to have received Floam out of the mini shipment Ninja said they got in.

  4. really cool - look almost alien like!!

  5. Floam!!!! have anybody told you that you are freaking amazing... lol btw I love your blog!


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