Friday, March 16, 2012

Leprechaun Clouds

Please excuse the goofy name for this post. :)

I had a lot of trouble deciding on my next St. Patrick's Day design.  I was lacking on the inspiration.  In the end I decided to go with a green cloud design. Simple but pretty! :)

I started by appling 2 coats of Sinful Colors Happy Endings. This was my first time using this color, even though it has been sitting in my Helmer since last year.  This is an amazing green!  I love the tone of green and then it has a gold shimmer.  It reminds me of grass in a bright sunny day! 

Next I added the first layer of clouds using Sinful Colors Innocent. Another pretty green that reminds me on Granny Smith Apples. I wasn't too worried about it being perfect because I knew I was gong to paint over it.

For the next cloud layer I used Sinful Colors Olympia.  This is a polish from the new Castaway collection.  It's such a soft green and also very pretty.  I am a sucker for soft, sage-y greens so of course I had to have this polish. 

I was going to stop there but I kept looking at my nails and thinking that something was missing.  Then it hit me!  Leprechaun Gold!! I ended up adding a hint of Julep Oscar to the tips.  I think this adds a little something, something to the design.

2 coats of NYC.


  1. These are very fitting for St. Paddy's, half my family is Irish! Haha, I am thinking of doing clouds too :)

  2. Very fun! I agree the gold adds that extra something.

  3. This came out really nice with all the greens you chose. I especially love Happy Endings, gotta pick that one up if I see it.

  4. I just did my 1st ever Cloud Mani for St. Patty's day also!!! Love the greens you chose! :)

  5. Love your blog and I am your new follower ❤

  6. that looks so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and it would work with all colors too :)


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