Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Magnetic Tape

I wanted to share my second magnetic polish with you but, as you know, I can't just show you swatches!  I had to come up with a really interesting design to showcase the polish.  I came up with a crazy, taping mani. Not only do you get the magnetic polish but I also used a new polish from the Hunger Games collection.

I started by applying 2 coats of China Glaze Stone Cold and White on White. Stone Cold looks exactly like Zoya Loredana.  So now I have 2 gray mattes, oh well!

Ready for it????  I applied 2 coats of Color Club Magnetic Force in Hipnotic. I would call this a red, pinky, purple color.  Hipnotic is not as thick as Electro-Midnight and needed 2 coats.  I had a much better time with the magnet this time.  This polish drys fast, so you need to get the magnet on top of the nail as soon as possible.

I cut up small strips of Scotch tape and began my crazy taping! 

Right Hand: (You will notice that later in the pictures my right thumb looks different. I had some taping issues and ended up having to redo my thumb.)

Left Hand:

I had some issues with Picasa and this is the only picture of my right hand.


  1. This is very cool! I have to try it..

  2. That looks really good. Fantastic combo!

  3. I really like the contrasts between the matte and glossy polish, plus the magnetic effect thrown in the mix.

  4. Love all the texture the different polishes gave this mani!

  5. That matte grey is gooorgeous! Love it. The nail art is fab too! x

  6. this is awesome! and the matte polish is stunning

  7. Really like this combo! And I love all the different finishes!


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