Monday, March 26, 2012

Sticks'n'Stones in my Raspberry

This was an awesome polish weekend!  When I got home from work on Friday, sitting in my mailbox was my order from Ninja Polish! A week ago the shop got restocked with Sticks'n'Stones and Floam and I jumped at the chance to pick up these polishes, unfortunately I had some checkout issues.  I immediately posted a comment on the Ninja Polish Facebook page and was amazed at the response I received from Rhonni!! She provided me with some of the best customer service I have had in a long time! 

Back to the polish.....

So, after receiving my swap from Aimee I was over the moon to try out Barry M's Raspberry, and decided that Cover Band Sticks'n'Stones would look awesome on top!

First, 2 coats of Raspberry.  This polish was a dream to work with!  The application was effortless and the color is amazing.  It is such a gorgeous, rich raspberry color, like raspberries that are ripened to perfection! I don't think that these pictures do the color justice.  It rained all day so no sun.

Next, I added 1 coat of Sticks'n'Stones.  I was worried that this polish would be difficult to apply but I was amazed at how nice the glitter laid on the nail.  There are so many different sizes of glitter in this polish.  Lines, large hex, medium hex, small circle, and tiny holos.  WOW!

Right Hand:

Two coats of Sticks'n'Stones:

2 coats of NYC:

As much as I loved the shiny I had to see what it looked like matte-ifed! 2 coats of Essie Matte About You.

I love everything about these 2 polishes and they look amazing together!  Raspberry takes on a whole different side when a matte is added.  It is hard to see in the pictures but it is awesome!  So happy right now!!!


  1. Raspberry is definitely a polish that is fantastic to have in your stash, it's such a beautiful colour!! :)

    1. I am so happy that I finally have this color!! I was worried that it would not be as nice in person, but it is amazing!!

  2. Very beautiful color! I like how you added sticks and stones.

  3. great layering combination!! love it so much

  4. I have Raspberry, it's one of my favourites, so pretty and omg Sticks and stones is hot!

  5. I may need to get that Raspberry!

  6. Gorgeous color! I love it! It looks great matte too!

  7. Brown base color is amazing and above it what you did is looking just amazing!

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  8. Nice Post!


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