Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers Challenge - Day 1: Spring Pastels

I have joined up with a few other bloggers and nail polish addicts to complete a challenge created by Hannah at Polished Prisms.  Here is the full challenge:

Everyone involved has decided how they will complete the challenge.  Most started today.  I have decided that I will make this a weekly challenge and complete each one on Thursdays. 
The first challenge is spring pastels.  I have done a lot of skittles lately so I wanted to add something to it that punched it up a bit.  I did a similar design for Valentine's Day so it might look familiar.
Here are all the polishes I used:

First 2 coats of each polish:
Pinky - Sally Hansen White On
Ring - Barry M Peach Melba
Middle - Barry M Mint Green
Index - Models Own Beth's Blue
Thumb - Unknown Color Club

Next I added the "plaid" using Sinful Colors Nail Art Bad Chick and Milani Hi-Tech with a striping brush.

For the Pinky I added Models Own Beth's Blue.

2 coats of NYC.

I have really improved on my striping since the last time.  Unfortunately I was suffering from shaky hand and kind of messed up my right hand. :(
Day One - DONE!!! :)


  1. This came out great, I really want to try it! (Except with my wobbly hand this will probably look like zigzags.)

  2. Nice colors! Your pictures are really pretty too.

  3. I am loving this big time!!! You are doing some really great stuff!

  4. I've never done a plaid mani before. This looks great with pastels. Good job! I did dots for day 1 of the challenge.

  5. I would have chosen a pink a little bit darker, but it looks great! :)


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