Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cadbury Mini Eggs

My all-time favorite Easter candy is Cadbury Mini Eggs. They are probably my favorite part of Easter!  The fact that the stores started putting out Easter candy in February is a wonderful and horrible thing.  Wonderful because I can start buying Mini Eggs in Feburary, horrible because I have been eating Mini Eggs since February!!!

I have been thinking about doing this design since last year and couldn't wait for Easter to get here so that I could finally complete it.  It is actually a really easy design. 
To complete the design I used the following polishes.

Wet'n'Wild - Tickled Pink - 2 coats. Once again this polish had a horrible brush!  The bristle were bent!  This is the third Wet'n'Wild poilsh that I have purchased with a bad brush!!
Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow - This was the first time using this polish and I was disappointed.  The polish was very thin and runny!  I ended up having to use 3 coats and it still had bald spots!
Models Own - Beth's Blue - This color is just gorgeous!  This polish was also easy to work with and it was opaque in 2 coats.
Milani - White on the Spot - 2 coats. Love it!

My next step was to add the chocolate spots.  This didn't turn out exactly as I wanted it, but its not too bad.  I used Essie Little Brown Dress and my smallest dotting tool.

I finished the design with 1 coat of NYC Matte.  The thumb in smeared because I attempted to spread the dots and it didn't do what I wanted.


  1. These are so cute and so easy to do!! I might have to try this!

  2. Love those eggs. And the mani...

  3. Cute & totally edible looking :)

  4. this is adorable!! great job!!

  5. cadbury anything at easter is my fave. these really look like the little eggs! such a cute idea. and reinforces the fact that i MUST get some matte top coat.

  6. Cadbury eggs are the best. Very cute manicure!

  7. Those are my favorite easter candy too! I've been good and avoided them at all costs so far...but its only a matter of time. Your mani isn't helping either, I can smell that chalky candy shell. *drool*

  8. I just did something with pastel skittles too! Very cool!


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