Monday, April 30, 2012

TWEEZERMAN Ambassador Program

Last week I decided to sign up for the Tweezerman Ambassador Program.  Tweezerman has picked a large selection of bloggers to receive and review their latest collections.  I was very excited to be chosen because I have always loved Tweezerman products.  Today I received my first set of products and I must say that the packaging was pretty impressive!

Inside the case is....
(from the Tweezerman description)

Satin Etched Zebra Clipper Set (Stainless Steel) - Transform untidy, tattered or shabby nails into a perfectly pampered, lovingly trimmed look.  100% sanitizable.
Satin Etched Zebra Cuticle Nipper - The sturdy design is reinforced by its rock-hard, stainless steel construction and features sharp, long-lasting snipping tips for smooth cutting action.
Pushy (Stainless Steel) - Our stainless steel Pushy has thin, hand buffed edges for pushing back cuticles and cleaning under and around the nail without scratching.
Eco Friendly File - For medium sanding on acrylic nails and for filing edge on natural nails.  100% biodegradable.
Premium Emory Board - Pack of 5 thin wood files. Ultra durable.
Sansation Nail File - Reinforced center for durability and strength. Durable, washable and sanitizable.
Pedro Callus Stone - Superior quality two-sided ceramic stone with a rough side for reducing calluses and a fine side for smoothing skin.  Strong, sturdy handle for optimum control. Washable.
Master Tech Ingrown Toenail File and Cleaner - Features an ingrown file to help relieve the pressure of ingrown nails an d a thin, curved end to clean under and around the nail.
Full Size Slant Tweezer

I already used the clippers, nipper, pushy, emory board and callus stone to give myself my first pedicure of the season.  Everything worked wonderfully!  I really liked the callus stone, I think it did a great job on my winter calluses!  I am very satisfied with the products provided!

Check out Tweezerman on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about their products!


  1. Wow, this is pretty cool! The kit looks awesome.

  2. that look awesome! im glad you got picked!

  3. Amazing stuff! :)

  4. I signed up this week :) they're sending me a brow pack, which is cool but not as cool as a manicure set! Looks awesome!

  5. Wow I am jealous of you! I want that!


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