Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zoya Arizona

If you are a fan of orange polish then you will probably like Zoya Arizona.  I'm not such a big fan of orange polish.  It has to be something really special for me to like it and unfortunately I didn't find that with Arizona.

First, the Zoya Description:

Zoya Nail Polish in Arizona can be best described as: Softened bright citrus orange with a muted cream finish. This orange is bright but also very soft, giving it a fun, orange sherbet-like look on the nails.

I will say that the pictures don't give the most accurate tone of Arizona.  In real life Arizona is a deeper, dustier orange.  I wouldn't say coral, as described by Zoya.  I was also disappointed in the formula. I found this polish to be thin and streaky, which made it hard to work with. :(

In order to present this polish in the most accurate way I did not use a base coat or top coat.  You are seeing these polishes applied right out of the bottle.



I promise that it's not this bright in real life!

***These polishes were provide by the manufacturer for review purposes.***


  1. Ya know, I was looking at this color yesterday on Zoya's website. I always have to look up swatches because their colors on never acurate on the site. Couldnt find a good swatch, so thank you haha.

  2. i am loving this color!
    you have really nice nails!


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