Friday, April 6, 2012

Zoya Kimber

Moving on to the metallic micro glitters of the Beach & Surf Summer Collection.  I am very impressed with all of the polishes in this part of the collection. Some of these polishes are twins of the creams, with an added punch! But I don't want to get ahead of myself! :)

First in the collection is Kimber.

Zoya Nail Polish in Kimber can be best described as: Rich, bright and saturated medium magenta pink with strong gold metallic shimmer and a foil-like finish. A huge hit of color and a shot of shiny gold metal make this polish look electric.

Kimber takes the magenta pink of Reagan and adds a gold accent to it.  There is just something about this combination that makes the color pop.  It really brings this pink to life.  This isn't a color that I would wear often, because pink doesn't always look good on me, but it is gorgeous.  I give it a full recommendation for any of you pink lovers out there.  The coverage with the polish was great.  I could have gotten away with 1 coat but I wanted to show the deeper pink.

In order to present this polish in the most accurate way I did not use a base coat or top coat.  You are seeing these polishes applied right out of the bottle.


Shade: (You can really see the gold in the following pictures.)

***These polishes were provide by the manufacturer for review purposes.***


  1. Very fresh looking colour! Reminds me a little but of Zoya "Gloria" but not quite as red.


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