Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Love You Owen Harper!

Oh yestimgunn I love you and your awesome imagination!  Owen Harper was the main reason that I was so excited about Fanservice Nails.  As I have said numerous times lately, I am completely in love with white polish right now and this polish looked amazing on Etsy. Once I started applying this polish I realized that just like Toshiko, it is nothing like the pictures on Etsy!  I am sorry yestimgunn, please don't take this the wrong way, but your pictures do not do show the awesomeness of your polishes!  I say that with complete respect for what you do! 

On to the polish...
Owen Harper
Owen is the medical officer and a field agent for Torchwood Three, a team of alien-hunters based in Cardiff. In his private life, Owen is a narcissistic womaniser with a long history of sexual conquests, including colleagues Gwen Cooper and Suzie Costello, but remained indifferent to the affections of colleague Toshiko Sato. (from Wikipedia)

Owen in polish form!

Now for the good bits!!
Lots of pictures and the sun decided to play hide'n'seek.
One coat:



A crapload of top coat, BL Quick Dry and NYC:

Seeing that Owen is the medical officer, I am guessing that the white represents his white lab coat.  As for the glitter, I'm not sure but I'm going with the sexy, adventurous side of Owen
In my opinion, the thing that makes this polish different is the shimmery, white base.  The base reminds me of Orly Champagne.  This polish didn't dry as gritty as Toshiko, but that didn't stop me from layering on the top coat.  Owen was a dream to work with.  The application was effortless.  I did add three coats because it was a tad streaky, remember its a white polish! :)  I really couldn't find anything I didn't like about the polish. 
Owen is still available!
Gwen Cooper is up next!


  1. Really pretty! It reminds me a bit of cupcakes :)

  2. This is amazing.
    I agree with the person above.. it definitely makes me want confetti cake lol.

  3. Sexy and adventurous is good :D - and this obviously looks great on you!

  4. So cool! I can't wait for Gwen's polish!

  5. Hiya, just so you know I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :D Check out my post for the rules!

  6. This is a gorgeous polish! I love it!! ^.^


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