Monday, May 28, 2012

In Remembrance

I have created a very special design in honor of all the men and women who have given their lives in order to protect the freedoms I enjoy everyday.  I completely respect anyone that volunteers to fight for my country knowing that there is a possibility that they may never come home again. My Grandpap served in the Airforce during WWII and my Dad served in the Airforce during Vietnam.  Thank you all for being braver than I could ever be!

I started with 2 coats of Milani White on the Spot.  Unfortunately, I had some bubbling this time.  I think I shook it to forcefully.

I added blue stripes using my stripper and Essence Walk on Air.

I left out a step when taking pictures.  I also striped a red line using OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry.  I added some dots using the same colors.

I thought that the design needed some sparkle so I added 2 coats of NL, and 1 coat of NYC.

Thank you again for your enduring courage!


  1. This is to beautiful for words. As a military, wife THANK YOU

  2. Cute tribute. When I first opened your page, I was confused for a minute until you explained the change.

    1. Me too! Haha. End result looks gorgeous :) xx

  3. Simple but very effective. I really like this!

  4. Lovely mani for a lovely cause :)

  5. Very pretty! Love the design.

  6. This mani is super cute! And I'm loving your new blog set up!

  7. They look amazing

  8. Lovely mani & lovely thought behind it x :-)

  9. absolutely beautiful my dear!!


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