Monday, May 14, 2012

Indie Nail Mail

Friday was an awesome day for me!!  I came home to this:

The first package I opened was my order from AquaDaisy. I had placed this order the same day as my Fanservice Nails order, but it took a week to get to me and it came from just across the state!  I am totally blaming PA Postal Service!  It sat in Philly for days!  When I opened the package I discovered that there was more than my order!  Emmy the owner also sent me some samples to review! 

Here is what I ordered: Beauty School Drop Out

And my samples!!  They look amazing!

My next package was from 365 days of color.  I was lucky enough to receive one of her new polishes to review!!

The last package was from Cosmetic Sanctuary.  We did a swap and I got Jawbreaker!!!

So it was a pretty awesome nail mail day!!


  1. Nice nail mail! Can't wait to see swatches of everything. :-)

    ~ Yun

  2. I love nail mail!! There are some really fantastic colors too :)

  3. wow these are gorgeous! Just came across your blog hehe. I dont own any indie polish's :( I must invest!! xx

  4. Beauty School Dropout looks especially adorable!! ^.^

  5. Oooo, Jawbreaker looks super unique! And the name "Kesha's Floor Sweepings" made me laugh haha. Can't wait to see your swatches of all of these. :)

  6. I own the mini of Jawbreaker!! I love it, but it looks like yours has much more of the red glitter squares than mine has, which I'm jealous of! I painted my nails in jawbreaker and didn't get a single red square =/

  7. Jawbreaker is my fave indie I think.. I typically don't wear white nails well but this polish is just stunning!

  8. Awesome mail! I already have Jawbreaker and Mint Chip is on its way to me!

  9. Fab nail mail. Beauty school dropout looks really nice x :-)


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