Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jordana Glitters Cosmic

Okay, I don't agree with this name either!  I don't think Cosmic when I look at this glitter! I see under the sea!  Maybe I should get a job naming nail polishes! :)

Cosmic has tiny blue hex glitter and small blue and green hex glitter suspended in a clear base.  Out of all the glitters, this one is my favorite.  I love the mix of green and blue, so pretty!  This is another top coat glitter.  It looks amazing on top of a green or blue polish, of course!  The larger hex glitter, as with the others, does not stay put on the nail.  I went with one coat but some might like 2 coats to get more of the larger hexes on your nail.  I have said this with 3 of the Jordana Glitters but I, and you, have to realize that these glitters are not meant to be worn alone.  They are top coaters and work best as that. :)

Applied with no base coat, other than the polish, and no top coat.  Lays beautifully and not gritty! :)

Index - 1 coat
Middle - 2 coats
Ring - 1 coat over 1 coat of Sinful Colors Happy Endings (LOVE THIS!!)
Pinky - 1 coat over 1 coat of Essence Walk on Air

Natural Light:


  1. Yeah the name doesn't suit the polish but it's still beautiful!!

  2. I have this glitter! And I really like it. It's so beautiful, also over a very dark blue. :)

  3. You're right, it looks more like under the sea to me too! Love it over the blue

  4. This is my favourite too :) so pretty, I love the small blue glitter, it definitely is like the sea :D

  5. Pretty! I saw these but passed because I thought they'd taco. Glad to hear they lie flat!

  6. Prettuy polish but odd name, you nailed it :P

  7. This glitter looks like it would be great for peacock nails! I love it!!

  8. It does look more like an Under The Sea :P Especially over blue which is super pretty!!!

  9. This is a really pretty glitter! I especially love it over the blue!


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