Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jordana Glitters Purple Glam

This is the surprise Jordana.  I found this one before I picked up the glitters for my giveaway.  I tried to find another but they were all sold out.  This is a really awesome polish. 

Purple Glam is a purple jelly polish with tiny holographic and stick glitter.  (Are we calling it stick glitter?)  (I'm calling it stick glitter! :))  It looks so cool in the bottle that you can't help but pick it up.  You can use this polish on its own without a base polish.  I know that some people have not been happy with this polish but I love it.  It is such a unique polish!  My only disappointment was that I didn't get a lot of the stick glitter on my finger.  Guess you need to dig for them!

I applied 2 coats without a base or top coat.  Without the top coat this polish is very gritty. I have seen pictures with a top coat and all I can say is wow!

Natural Light, 1 coat:

Bottle shot so you can see the goodness in the bottle!

Natural Light, 2 coats: Once you get the 2nd coat on it seems to take on an almost duochrome look, however you can see that the glitter lost some of its effect. :(

I think its really stunning.  I need a top coat to see what it does to the polish!


  1. That looks so much different on you than it does on me! The stick glitter or bar glitter or what we call it, was also shy in my bottle :)

  2. I really like it with just one coat!

  3. oh this is pretty! i like the rectangular pieces in it!

  4. You mean bar glitter? lol :P I actually really really like reminds me a lot of indie polishes.

  5. So pretty! I like both the 1 coat look and the 2 coat look! :-)

    ~ Yun

  6. I love this polish. First Jordana I ever picked up! It's great to layer over a similar purple because some of the glitter definitely does lose its effect after multiple coats. So pretty though.

  7. I like it at one coat so the glitter shines better. If I ever find this polish, I think I'll layer it.


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