Monday, May 7, 2012

OMG This Polish Is AMAZING!!

Before I show you these totally amazing polishes I got in the mail today, I'll show you the order I received from  I signed up to get a $20 coupon, through the Pampered Chef, to use on the site.  Of course I ordered nail polish!! I was interested in the 3 polishes in the OPI Spiderman Collection:

I ordered: My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Just Spotted the Lizard and Number One Nemesis.  Aren't they pretty?!?!? Can't wait to use them!

Now the good stuff!  Everyone knows that Indie Polishes are very popular right now.  I spent sometime on Etsy looking at the various nail polish shops and came across the shop yestimgunn, which sells Fanservice Nail Polish.  Other than the reference to Project Runaway, I was imediately interested!  Why do you ask???  She has a collection of polish dedicated to one of my favorite shows: Torchwood!  This is the totally amazing spin-off from Doctor Who.  Yes scifi geek stuff!  If you are at all interested and have Netflix you can watch both seasons and one special.  I know rambling....back to the polish!

Here is what I got!

You are looking at Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato and Gwen Cooper.  These are all names of a few key characters in the show.   Can you say WOW?!?!?!?
I was most excited to get Owen because of the white base, but then I unwrapped Toshiko and just about had a heartattack!  Toshiko, to me, looked completely different on Etsy. I thought it was a gray, glitter polish but its more of a gray/lavender.  And just look at that glitter!!!  So I decided to try Toshiko first.

Warning: There are lots of pictures.  The polish just looks so amazing!!

First, here is Toshiko:
Toshiko is the computer genius in the group.  She is described as "quiet but highly intelligent."  She is very unlucky in love and has a huge crush on Owen.
Here is her polish:

There is just so much going on in that bottle.  I don't think I can identify all the glitter that is floating in the polish!
One coat, natural lighting:

One coat, shaded natural light:

Two coats, natural light:

Three coats BL PD Quick Dry Top Coat, natural light:

This polish is simply amazing!  The base is more of a thin cream, instead of jelly.  It does dry gritty, and sucks up the top coat.  After letting the BL TC settle, it was no longer smooth, and that was with 3 coats.  You are going to want a thick top coat with this to smooth it out.  The application was awesome.  It was easy to work with and opaque in two coats.  I love the gray/lavender pigment, absolutely my color!  Everytime I look at the polish I see something different.  I can't wait to try the other two!

I purchased the Pick Any Three bundle for $28. add shipping, my total was $31.50.  A single bottle is $11.  I ordered this on Friday evening and received it in the mail today! Now that's fast!

Bad looks like I purchased the last bottle of this polish.  yestimgunn will be making more once she receives her supplies! 
What do you think? Is it another Indie winner?


  1. Oh wow this is amazing!! Thanks for sharing! Def a winner!

  2. Way to go on buying the last bottle! *sigh* It's gorgeous though..from what I can tell from here :P

  3. What a great looking polish! It looks fantastic on you! :)

  4. For sure, another indie winner!

  5. Eek! TOTAL WIN!!

    Also, I hafta share...she also had a pair inspired by Supernatural!! There was a deep black "sprinkled with chrome glitter with hints of red glitter" called Impala, and a "beige polish...filled with iridescent glitter," named Castiel (trenchcoat color reference). It also appers as though I scooped up the last pair of that collection, too - it's off her page and I've only seen one other blogger who swatched it! I hope she restocks for all the other Supernatural fans out there.

    What a great store!!

  6. Nice nail mail! I also took advantage of the Bloom $20 off deal, and I got Just Spotted the Lizard, as well! I can't wait to try it! And Toshiko looks lovely on you! :D

    ~ Yun

  7. SO, so pretty! I love the dusty blue!


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