Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Challenge: Day 5 - Your Favorite Summer Color

I was going to go with white because I am all about the white right now, but I decided to go with a more summer-y color...Yellow.  I really do love a fresh, clean yellow.  The color is just so bright and cheerful that you can't help but be in a good mood when you see/wear yellow!

For this challenge I used Essence Mellow Yellow and as an accent on my ring finger Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine.  This are both to beautiful yellows.  They are a little streaky so I ended up applying 3 coats to even everything out.

This next step seemed like a good idea until I realized that I was putting little eggs on my nails!! :)  I just wanted to add a little design. O-well you live and you learn! :) The white is Zoya Purity.

2 coats of SV.

Other than the eggs these 2 yellows really represent summer to me. 

Don't forget these lovely ladies:
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  1. Deviled eggs are very summer. I think its cute :)

  2. lol - they DO look like eggs, but not after they've been topcoated :) xxx

  3. Wanna be your sunshine is the perfect yellow for me :)

  4. The crumpets right. They look better with the top coat. Love this yellow. I have never seen essence in any store.

  5. It's amazing how much the top coat evens out the 3D effect of the "eggs"! :) I like the dotty design, and the yellow is indeed very summery!

  6. It looks very sweet. But it reminds me a bit of fried eggs :)

  7. I love yellow nail polish..those two colours are beautiful! The eggs look cute! :-)

  8. Haha eggs totally make sense! It gets so hot you can fry one on any surface you find!

  9. Cute! I kept thinking you were going to add sizzly brown bacon strips alongside the circles!

  10. Fab mani, I really lime the eggs x :-)

    1. Silly smart phone, that was meant to say I really like the eggs lol x :-)

  11. Sunnyside up! :) So cute. I used to hate yellow and orange and now I love them both, especially for summer!

  12. love everything about this mani!!


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