Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 Days of Awesomeness!!!

The first two days of my summer vacation have been filled with awesomeness.  It's like I am being rewarded for having such an amazing year!

Yesterday I received my second swap package from my new best friend Marianne (Rainbowify Me).  I love her to death!  Just check out what she sent me this time!!!

Yes, I realize that the little green baggie looks like a bag of pot. IT'S GLITTER PEOPLE!! Geez, get your minds out of the gutter! :)

I literally squealed with delight as I pulled out all this goodness!

 This swap has removed 6 items off my wishlist!!! (Yes I finally added a page, it's long, please don't judge!)

Barry M - Hologram and Bright Purple

 Catrice - From Dusk to Dawn, Dirty Berry and London's Weather Forecast

Essence - Blue Addicted, Viva la Green, Walk on Air, Frozen Queen, Passion for Fashion, Let's Get Lost, Movie Star, Choose Me and Skyscraper 

Today I received 2 packages that I have been dying to get!! My Whimsical Ideas by Pam order and my Tony Moly order.

 Aren't they just so pretty!!!!!  I am not completely sure of the names for the Tony Moly polishes but I think they are Pinky Star, Shooting Star and Milky Way.  If anyone knows differently please let me know.

Overall I have to say that these past 2 days have been freakin' amazing!!!!


  1. I am super jelous! Can't wait to see swatches!

  2. Aaaahhhhh so much essence!!!! I hope you know it's your fault I got into those and now can't not buy them when I see them =P

  3. How cool. I'm glad I was able to help, and to guess some of the polishes from your wish list. <3<3

  4. I've got alot of the essence and catrices ones in my own stash aswell.
    Can't wait for your swatches from the other polishes! :) x

  5. Any advice for the application of blue addicted? I'm having difficulty :(

    1. Oh no difficulty with an Essence polish!!! I haven't used mine yet but most ladies have just applied 2 coats no problem. Others have layered it over another blue polish. Maybe try layering it and see if that works better. :)


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