Thursday, June 21, 2012

AquaDaisy You're A Firework

I have another AquaDaisy polish to share with you, You're a Firework

Doesn't this look like a bottle of yummy goodness?!?!
YAF is a blue jelly full of holo hexagons, red and blue hexagons and bars.  The formula was awesome, smooth application and nice deep color with 2 coats.  Of course you are not going to get a full opaque, without lots of coats, because of the jelly. 
Okay, the disappointing part.  I could not get all the lovely glitters on my finger.  I shook, shaked, had it upside down, sideways...etc and I couldn't get my nails to look like the bottle. The glitter that I was able to get on my fingers lost some of its wow factor because the blue covered it up. 

I did not use a base or top coat.
Natural light:

Indoor, natural light:

I am not ready to give up on this polish!  It is such a cool idea and I love the blue jelly.  Got to make those glitters shine! :)  Maybe if I let it sit upside-down for a couple days????


  1. Fun! I love the scattered look of the glitter.

  2. It is aways disappointing when I love the bottle and it just doesn't happen :) It is a pretty blue though

  3. I like it better with the indoor light, great polish!

  4. Hmm... It looks nice but I understand what you mean. It's really a shame that the blue covers up the glitters!

  5. That's a shame about the glitter, but I love the color! Its a lovely shade of blue.

  6. oh nice. At first i thought "yeh, another blue glitter polish" but those dark glitters really make it. And congrats on 600 xxx

  7. It's a shame that the glitter didn't come out of the bottle! The bottle shots looked so promising ): The jelly quality is still very lovely nonetheless!

  8. I hate it when you're in love with a polish in the bottle but it doesn't translate to the nail! Its such a shame as it looks like it should have been fab x :-)


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