Sunday, June 17, 2012

ASBMF Challenge: The Final Challenge

I have made it to the end.  I completed every challenge and never missed a day!!  I'm not really sad that this challenge is over.  I am actually having a nice feeling of accomplishment!  HAPPY DANCE!!!  I will also be working with a lot of these ladies soon, so there is no reason to feel sad!

I had some trouble trying to decide what I wanted to do for this challenge.  There was no specific design that we had to do.  We were allowed to pick the design.  I finally got the chance to do my design and I experienced polish block!!  While getting caught up on my blog reading recently, I came across a post that really interested me.  The totally awesome Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog presented Nailside's cloud design with a new twist.  She created a cloud color blocking design.  I absolutely love the way this looks!  So for my final design I recreated this awesome design.  I really wanted my design to look like Lindsey's but I got the cloud line-up wrong, so it looks somewhat different, plus I added some sparkle.

I started with 2 coats of my favorite nail art white, Milani White on the Spot.  I was disappointed with this application because all of these bubbles appeared in the polish!  It might be that I use this polish so much that the formula is starting to turn.  I HATE bubbles!!

Next, I added my first layer of clouds.  I used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and Turned Up Turquoise, accent.  I picked these colors because they are both neons, which are perfect for summer.  For some reason I could not get the brightness of FFF to show up in the pictures.  Those that have used this polish will know that it is crazy bright!  Both of these polishes were also thinner that I remembered so I ended up going back over each nail to get the color to pop.

Using the same colors I added the second layer.  I think my top layer was too high and ended up covering more of the bottom color than I wanted.  I, again, had to add a second layer of polish because it was too sheer.

After looking at the finished design I started thinking that something was missing.  GLITTER!!  I added AquaDaisy Kesha's Floor Sweepings, an amazing glitter top coat!!  I really need to do a post just about this glitter!!

The other fingers felt left out, so I decided to add a little Pretty & Polished Sand Art to the tips. 

I topped it all off with 2 coats of HK Girl.

I did waver back and forth on whether or not I liked this design.  I was kind of disappointed that it didn't look as nice as Lindsey's.  But you know what, I gave this design my stamp.  I love the brightness of the polish I used and the glitter was just amazing!  It's new, different and all mine! :) 

I will be starting a new challenge with some of these ladies this week, Lazy Days of Summer Challenge.  Stay tuned! :)

Hannah from Polished Prisms
Jess from Nearly Natural Nails
Amanda from Mandy's Polish
Heidi from DIY Polish & More!
Charlotte from Charlotte's Nails
Tess from Football and Fingernails
Karine at Karinea0a
Victoria from Manicurator
Ashley from One Nail To Another
Dani from Rustic Comfort
Amanda from Counting Down to Bliss
Kayono from Neues vom Kellerkind
Sarah from All This Polish
April from Munia's Nails


  1. I want sand art!!! Someone stole it out of my cart. :(

  2. Adorable. =] Love the addition of Sand Art.

  3. Oh that is so pretty!! i love the whole design and the colours are fab.

  4. Ehehehe this is just so cute!! XD

  5. So fun! Never thought to do clouds both ways!

  6. I love this design and the color combo! Beautiful!

  7. Congrats on making it to the end of this challenge. I still got a ways to go. This design is really cute and I like the colors you chose.

  8. Very cute! Looks great with sand art!

  9. lovely - well done for improvising! x

  10. This looks beautiful! The colors look great together!

  11. That's a cute take on the cloud mani! I really like the colors you chose!

  12. Looks so amazing! Adorable manicure.

  13. So cute! After seeing this, I'll have to try out a cloud mani myself!

  14. I think it looks great, and I really like the design. And the glitters are gorgeous! :)

  15. Hi :)
    I know this is like a stupid question, but all of these 'challenge' things that nail polish bloggers do, how can you do them? Do you have to sign-up or something?
    Thanks :)!!!

  16. Love how it turned out! This nail polish glitter that you have on your finger is soooo beautiful:)

  17. This is soooo pretty!! Love it!

  18. very cute, and i love your color choices for this!

  19. This is super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it

  20. Just BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the link, dear =]!

  21. O_O So pretty! Matte; and glitter, and floam. Looove


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