Sunday, June 3, 2012

Northern Nails Guest Post

The totally awesome Jo at Northern Nails asked my to do a guest post on her blog, of course I jumped at the chance!  I put the post together, attached the pictures and emailed it all to her.  Guess what???? I should have double checked the pictures because I sent the wrong file!!!  The dry marble posted is one that I already shared with you!  I was supposed to attach my second dry marble!!! What was wrong with me that day?!?!?!
Check out her page, here, to get the details and steps.  Below are the pictures that should have been with the post!


  1. I love this marbling effect, and I've never seen it with these colours before. Looks so summery and makes me think of being on holiday with the yellow for sand and blue for sea aha! Looks great!


  2. This look great!! I love the colors and the accent nail!

  3. Whoops. Lol. This one looks awesome too.

  4. lol I always FORGET to attach things, at least you sent actual photos ;)

    This looks fab!

  5. I love this effect! I need to try this technique soon!

  6. Super cute I love it. Have to try it out myself :)

  7. this looks amazing! love the colours

  8. This is even prettier than the one on Northern Nails! I love needle marbles so much! ^_^

  9. This is a really pretty combo! I love it!

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