Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Challenge: Day 15 - Hot Pink Freestyle

If you are a devoted reader of my blog you know that I am not a big hot pink/pink fan.  I will wear it occasionally, but I have to really like it to wear it!  The funny thing is that I actually own a lot of pinks!  I know I don't make any sense! 
Easter weekend, I had a major haul at Ulta and I picked up a couple butter LONDON's that I had been lemming. One of them was Disco Biscuit.  See I don't make sense because Disco Biscuit is a major hot pink polish!  I had only used DB once, on my toes, so I decided to pull her out for this challenge!

I started with 2 coats of Zoya Lara.  A very pretty hot pink from the Surf & Beach Collection, that I reviewed in a past post.

I decided that I would do a half-moon mani since I haven't done one in awhile.  I got out my hole re-enforcers and added Disco BiscuitDB is a jelly full of purple flakies.  Because it is a jelly it takes lots of coats for full coverage, so it works better as a top coat.

1 coat of SV.

Isn't Disco Biscuit awesome?  I love the way this turned out and what DB adds to the pink.  Just look at those purple flakes!!!

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  1. I love this!
    but well, I love all pink nail arts, I guess I´m still a real girly girl ;)

  2. Awesome! I love love love that butter london so much!

  3. I'm totally lemming Disco Biscuit too! Love this combination!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Disco Biscuit makes it look totally awesome!! Wow!

  6. I love this! Pink just makes my day!

  7. I don't like pink either but disco biscuit makes me happy....

  8. This mani looks girly and really cute!

  9. Oh I love this, disco biscuit is soooo pretty :)

  10. The colour is already gorgeous but with the glitter is even nicer :)

  11. lovely - i ADORE this polish, i just wish it was a teeeeeeensy bit more opaque and then it would be perfect x


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