Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Challenge: Day 17 - Hippie/Retro/Summer of Love

It's needle marbling time!!! 
I don't know about you but the first thing I think of when someone says "hippie," after Cartman, is tie-dye.  (If you watch South Park, you'll understand the Cartman reference.)  A little while ago, someone told me about the needle marble tie-dye, so I figured this would be the best time to try it out, since I am now the Master of Needle Marbling! :D

Remember I can't show you step-by-step with this because you have to work fast before the polish dries. 
Here is what I used:

In the order I used them, right to left,  Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Essie Ole Caliente, Tart Deco, Navigate Her, To Buy or Not to Buy, and Turquoise & Caicos, plus my homemade needling tool.

The result was achieved by adding small lines of each polish and then pulling the needle threw them.  I went in different directions for each nail.

I wanted to add a peace sign to the design , but I didn't want it to take away from the marbling.  I decided to use a gray polish because I thought it went better with the design.  I used Revlon Hazy and BM 07.

And 1 coat of SV.

So what do you think?  Are my nails 'hippie"??

Challenge Crew:
Debbie - The Crumpet
Helena - Nail Wish
Lucie - Lucy's Stash
Emma - Manicurity
Vic - Glowstars
Jackie - MeMa's Mani's
Rychelle - Colorsplash Nails
Stella - My Wet Nails
Christine - Lost in My Reverie
Bazzie - polish my mind


  1. I don't know if they are "hippie", but they are indeed stunning!

  2. I like it! Tie dye is the first thing I think of too

  3. I think they are "hippie", and I love the Needle Marbling; I am definitly going to have to try that technique :)

  4. it looks really cool! i'll have to try that once :D

  5. I think they're really hip. I actually "missed" the peace sign to begin with! :D

  6. Those look so cool! Great job:)

  7. It looks awesome, I will try this out after my testweek as well!

  8. Beautiful, I love this effect. It turned out fab!

  9. Very nice. I have to try needle marbling :)

  10. This is so cool! It's the best needle marble I've seen yet!

  11. This looks amazing!! I tried a needle marble this weekend and it was a total fail. I'm not giving up though.

  12. I'm picking up the hippy vibes, I could see myself wearing this to a festival x :-)

  13. These are amazing! Nice work!


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