Monday, July 9, 2012

Canada Haul

I just got home yesterday from a wonderful 9 day vacation with the hubby.  We went so many places and saw so many things!  I could have stayed in Maine but of course the hubby had to go back to work today. :(

Bay of Fundy:

On our travels the hubby decided that he wanted to drive to Fundy National Park, which is in New Brunswick, Canada, if you didn't know.  He had to see the tide change, which of course is the biggest in the world.  There was no way I was leaving Canada without stopping at Shoppers Drug Mart!  I knew I wouldn't get the chance again, until maybe next year.

Check out what I got:

Essence - Modern Romance and Black is Back
On top: GOSH - Drizzle, Gasoline, Golden Dragon, OH MY GOSH Cobalt Blue
Bottom: GOSH - Rebel Yell, Attitude, Berry Me and Forest Floor

I could have bought so much more but I decided to be good! :)


  1. I love Golden Dragon. one of my favourite polishes ever! Drizzle looks gorgeous

  2. lol! I find it so funny that going to Shoppers is a big deal! I love my GOSH polishes they are awesome!

  3. Amei os tns verdes, mas nunca usei nenhum da marca.
    Fica com Deus!

  4. Can you not get Gosh in the states?? Looks epic! Shoppers is my happy place now =D

  5. What a great haul! And I'm so glad you had a great vacation :)

  6. Pretty shades. Can't wait to see a few of them swatched. Looking forward!

  7. Wow!!!! I have to go to Canada this weekend. For a sad occasion, unfortunately, but I'll definitely keep my eye out for Shoppers.

  8. Ooh! Looking forward for swatches of Drizzle and Berry Me! :)


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