Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Challenge: Day 38 - Le Tour de France

Here is a sport that I do find some what interesting.  I won't search it out on TV but if my hubby turns it on I will watch.  I think the thing that interests me the most is the landscape.  They do bike through some beautiful parts of France.  It probably would be fun to bike the roads they travel, but I would probably die on the first small incline! :)

For this mani I decided to focus on the colors of the Tour; yellow, black and white.  I used 1 coat of Milani White on the Spot and Essence Black is Back and 2 coats of Zoya Pippa.

I love the King of the Hill jersey, so I decided to add that design to my pinky using my dotting tool and Nailtiques Moscow.

For my ring finger I just added a yellow dot using Pippa, just because I felt like it! :)

Using a black Sharpie, I drew a bike on my middle finger. I used the wrong type of Sharpie so my drawing did not turn out as smooth as I wanted it.

I attempted to copy the title on to my index finger.  Again, wrong type of Sharpie, not smooth.

And 2 coats of NYC.

So I made some changes to my pictures.  Lots of people have been commenting about the watermark blocking the picture.  As you know I changed it because someone stole my picture and removed the watermark. After thinking about it, I decided that providing my readers with the best picture was more important.  If people decide to claim my work as their own I will hunt them down and...nevermind, better not make that public! :)
I also added a frame to the pictures, to clean them up .  What's the verdict?  Do we like the changes?

Summer Challenge Crew:

Debbie - The Crumpet
Helena - Nail Wish
Lucie - Lucy's Stash
Emma - Manicurity
Vic - Glowstars
Jackie - MeMa's Mani's
Rychelle - Colorsplash Nails
Stella - My Wet Nails
Missy - Missy's Mani's
Christine - Lost in My Reverie
Bazzie - polish my mind


  1. Very cute! What is the right type of Sharpie to use for nail art?

    1. I used the fine Sharpie, I should have just used the regular one. :)

    2. Thank you :) I had never thought of using Sharpie, what a great idea!

  2. omg cute. i love how you did the black and yellow dot detail. i think even without the other nails having drawings on it, it would work as a great accent

  3. I like this mani, just like I like most of your work :D
    The new watermark thing is very cool!

  4. I hate that people stoop so low as to steal peoples pictures of their manicures. Makes me sick. I like your new ones though. Very cute mani.

  5. love the mani, and i definitely prefer the new watermark xx

  6. Haha funny! Well done, looks really nice!

  7. haha i love this! great job!


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