Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Challenge: Day 40 - A Day at the Zoo 40! And I haven't missed a single challenge yet!!  WOO HOO!!!

I had a lot ideas about today's challenge.  At first I wanted to free hand some of my favorite animals, then I was going to stamp different animal patterns.  I ended up going with just stamping a favorite animal.  This is actually a design that I have been wanting to do for awhile.  I have seen this on other ladies pages and really like it!  Plus my new Bundle Monster plates have the perfect stamp!

I started with 2 coats of butter LONDON Cheeky Chops, which you saw yesterday so I skipped the picture today.  Using OPI Get in the Expresso Lane and BM313, I added my animal print.  I also added 2 coats of HK Girl.

My favorite part about this design is the texture of the stamp. I think it really looks like furry, textured animal skin.  I would change the yellow though.  It's too yellow-y, needs more of a brown tone mixed in.  I say this but I really do love the way my giraffe turned out!

Summer Challenge Crew:

Debbie - The Crumpet
Helena - Nail Wish
Lucie - Lucy's Stash
Emma - Manicurity
Vic - Glowstars
Jackie - MeMa's Mani's
Rychelle - Colorsplash Nails
Stella - My Wet Nails
Missy - Missy's Mani's
Christine - Lost in My Reverie
Bazzie - polish my mind


  1. I don't think its too yellow-y, I like it. My favorite zoo animals are the giraffes. Great mani :)

  2. This looks amazing! I love it!

  3. I love this design! It looks awesome!

  4. the texture of the stamp just makes this look so amazing!!

  5. This is cute. I think that stamping image would also work well for a turtle.

  6. I agree- the texture of the stamp makes it even prettier!

  7. I really love the texture of that stamp, too! Cute!! ^.^

  8. wow they look awesome! Great work :)

  9. I just love how this turned out! The texture makes it very realistic

    The Daydreamer

  10. girl this is great OMG people around me are like WOOOOOW!!

  11. This is a great mani hun, lovely x :-)

  12. These are awesome :D I also love the texture of the stamp :]


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