Friday, August 3, 2012

butter LONDON Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

butter LONDON has some amazing polishes in their autumn/winter line and I am going to share them with you in a series of posts.  First up, some information about the new line.

Sequins! Velvet! Satin! Tweed! This season, the catwalks were abundant with rich texture! We’ve translated this to nails through the infusion of glitter particles and metallic and holographic fnishes. The colour tones speak to “earthiness” but are not specifically earth tones – think rust, shimmering greens, and silver. This collection feels future-forward but not futuristic. This season is all about using texture to add interest and depth to your look.

The first polish that I am sharing is Shag.
Shag is described as a high-shine metallic lacquer in a warm orange-burgundy hue.  Reminiscent  of fallen Autumn leaves. It is also British slang for "knocking boots".  

When I first applied this color I automatically thought of fall leaves, just like the tag line says.  I am not 100% blown away by this polish, because it feels like I have seen it before.  I do like the fact that it is a dark metallic and I think it will be perfect for the fall.
I had no problems with the application.  Shag was opaque in 2 coats.  Because it is a metallic you will want to be careful with your brush strokes.

Natural light, no base or top coat:

Indoor, natural light:

It does have a copper feel to it.  Reminds me of a penny! :)


  1. It's very shiny, and quite pretty too. I'm looking forward to seeing the purple/blue glitter. (No surprises in that, I guess :D)

  2. Wow this is gorgeous! Very fall-ish for sure.

  3. Shag? Knocking boots?? Its a slang word for doing the naughty business. Lovely colour though.

  4. Pretty! I can't wait to see the other swatches. That blue one looks just like Lady Muck.


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