Thursday, August 16, 2012

KKCenterHk Stamping Plate B88

Awhile back I was contacted by KKCenterHk to review their products.  I was given a choice of what I wanted to review and , of course, I went with a stamping plate.

Here is the plate I picked and they also sent a stamper and scraper.  I didn't use the scraper because it was metal and metal scratches.

I wanted to make sure that the stamps were visible, so I used OPI Alpine Snow Matte.  I stamped with Zoya Carly, Meg and Kimber.

This was a great plate to stamp with.  All of the images transferred easily and clearly.  I did have a couple smears and polish overload, but with more use they will transfer perfectly!  I like this plate and will keep them in mind for future purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing this plate, or any other plate click here.

*This product was provided for review.*


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