Monday, August 13, 2012

Red Week: Day 1 - OPI Edin-Burgundy

I am trying something new this week, kind of a challenge kind of a theme week.  I joined a small group of fabulous blogging ladies and we are going to be doing monthly theme weeks.  This week is a tester week, we officially start in September.  This tester week is all about the color red.  My initial idea is to share my 5 top reds, but I need to at in some nail art too, swatching is too plain for me.

For today I am sharing my Number 1 Red - OPI Edin-Burgundy.  Many years ago I went through a red phase and I bought up every red OPI that caught my attention.  I don't wear much red anymore, but I still appreciate a gorgeous red.

I applied 2 coats and 1 coat of NYC.

OPI really does know how to make a red polish!

These lovely ladies are also participating.  Check out what they came up with!


  1. I love this red!! Red is one of my favorite polish colors, such a classic and there are so many variations out there of red polish!

  2. WoW this is a stunning Red I love it! :D

  3. lovely, and very neatly done! xx

  4. beautiful color! and yes they do! i love all OPI reds!!

  5. oooh is the challenge just for you guys or anyone can join? I would LOVE to find out more!!! Either here or please e-mail me!! (
    I love love challenges!!


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