Monday, September 10, 2012

Digit-al Dozen Does: Blue - Palish Train Underwater

Today is the official start of the Digital Dozen!  This is a group of 12 fabulous ladies that will be participating in Theme Weeks.  We will be posting for one week each month and this month the theme is blue.  If you remember, last month you got a sneak peak when some of us did a red theme week.

For today's blue mani, I kept it simple but stunning!  I started with 2 coats of Revlon Royal.  Royal is a very popular blue polish and once you use you understand why.  It is a gorgeous, yummy navy jelly!  Just take a look! (2 coats)

I recently came into possession of Palish Train Underwater.  I was able to purchase it through a blog sale, and cannot figure out why someone would sell this polish!

I only needed 1 coat to turn this mani into something special.  Unfortunately, this is a polish that you need to see in person!  I could not capture the uniqueness of this polish on camera.  The glitter used in the polish creates so many different looks and really gives the polish a new kind of depth.

I wore this polish for 3 days and couldn't stop looking at my nails!  This polish just blows my mind!
Unlike some polishes, TU was not bulky and 2 coats of HK Girl gave me a nice smooth finish.  The other awesome thing was the removal!  I had no trouble getting this glitter off, which makes me love it even more!

Check out what the rest of the ladies have done:


  1. I LOVE that glitter pahlish! Absolutely beautiful. How lucky of you to get your hands on it.

  2. oooh I'm going to love this week!!! blue is my fav color!! watch out my wallet, I'm sure I'll add a lemming or two to my list!! =)

  3. Love it! And your pictures are always so stunning! :)

  4. I love that glitter. I'm also sometimes puzzled over all the pretties people sell :)

  5. This looks amazing! It really does remind me of being underwater!

  6. Royal is amazing. Would be interesting to see how this combo works in a totally jelly sandwich.

  7. Oooheeee, wow! So pretty! I have both of these polishes and really want to layer them soon!


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