Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall Into Autumn Challenge: Day 1 - Back to School

Yes, I am starting another challenge!  It is actually with the same group that I did the Spring Challenge and Lazy Days of Summer Challenge.  I think we are going to continue to do a series of challenges for each season, which would be great because these ladies are awesome!

Here is the challenge list:

I think this is going to be my favorite challenge because I love Autumn. It is my favorite season.

For today's challenge the theme is Back to School.  Of course there are a lot of nail designs out there that deal with school and I decided to go with one that I saw awhile ago.  The Polish Well did this awesome number design that I just loved.  I did change it up but the idea still came from her.

I decided to go with a blackboard as the background.  For this I applied 2 coats of Zoya Loredana.

I added my numbers using BM311, Zoya Pippa and Milani White on the Spot.  I was going for the white and yellow chalk look.  Because chalkboards are not shiny I decided to leave it matte.

I wish the yellow would've been a bit brighter but otherwise I think it looks pretty cool! :)

Fall Into Autumn Challenge Crew:
Charlotte from Charlotte's Nails
Karine at Karinea0a
Alyson from Beads.Nails.Food
Ashley from One Nail to Another
Stephanie from A Little Polish
Kayono from Neues vom Kellerkind
Sue from Creative Nail Designs by Sue
Hannah from Polished Prisms
Sharra from The Blahg
Maribeth from Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite
Becky from Glam Fiend
Angie from Our Painted World


  1. lovely nail art....
    it's schol time...
    I hope that you have an happy return...

  2. It's so nice! Is there a possibility for me to join this challange?

    1. Just click the badge at the top of the page, Fall Into Autumn Challenge and that will take you to our Facebook page! :)

  3. Definitely looks pretty! I wish I had had that plate... I wouldn't have had to paint the stuff xD I guess I should start working on my pictures...

  4. Replies
    1. Just click the the badge at the top of the page and it will take you to our Facebook page! :)

    2. How can we become added to the list at the end of the posts? :]

    3. Add your name and info to the members link for the Fall Challenge on the Facebook page.

  5. look forward to seeing some of these designs x

  6. I think it's more than cool. Perfect base colour! :)

  7. gorgeous! can't wait for the other challenge days! :D

  8. love the black board feel you gave it! it really brought me back to maths classes lool

  9. I love this stamp! I like the color the yellow turned, almost a light olive green!


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