Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall Mani - Leaves

Happy first day of Fall!!!  As I have said before, this is my favorite time of the year!  The leaves, Fall Festivals, sweaters and jeans!  I love it all!  For my first Fall mani I had to do leaves!

I wanted a deep, brown color as my base.  While doing some grocery shopping I found a beautiful chocolate brown, OPI Cointreau-Versial Chocolate.  This polish was released in 2011 as a promotion with Cointreau.  I don't know the whole story about it but from what I have read it was a limited release and if you bought a bottle of Cointreau you got the polish for free.  Is it wrong to get excited about free polish with alcohol??? I'm thinking SCORE!!   I tried to find the polish online and only found articles, no way to purchase...not even on Ebay!

I did find the polish to be very thin and runny.  But once I got the coverage right it really is a beautiful brown. I needed 3 coats.  You can see the thinness on my ring finger. :(  I kind of was thinking jelly while applying it.

I wanted my leaves to really stand out with this mani so I decided to pull out my Essie Metallics.  I used 2 plates, BM04 and RA121, and Essie Good As Gold, Nothing Else Metals and No Place Like Chrome.  It was difficult to capture the different polishes in the pictures.  They came across as the same color,  they're not! :)
I also added 1 coat of HK Girl and 1 coat of BL Hardwear.

Happy Fall Everyone!!


  1. They all look silver, which alludes to icy winter. This is gorgeous, I love it =D

  2. Beautiful...this is the first stamp I've seen that I truly love.

  3. Happy fall to you too. I'm already longing for spring :D

  4. This is gorgeous!!! I'm so excited that it is finally fall =)

  5. This is so pretty! I am about to go try it out :)

  6. Beautiful job! That is just awesome!

  7. May I ask, where did you buy the OPI brown?

    1. As stated in the post, I purchased it at my local grocery store.


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